The behaviour of today’s consumer is central to our thoughts and actions. Because of our way of life, every day choices are made about how we spend our mealtimes, both at home and away from the home. We are increasingly inspired by the variety of international cuisine and personal dining experiences when travelling abroad. Our customers operate in different markets and countries. We are proud of their achievements and, depending on their needs, they work with us as specialists.

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2016 is the year of the bean. That is great news, because legumes are healthy, green and extremely versatile. Many customers won’t always think about using dried peas, beans and lentils and that is why we have developed an ‘inspiration platform’ with everything about dried legumes.

Fresh Family

Eating plenty of vegetables is a key part of a healthy lifestyle. That doesn’t always seem to be the case. Fresh Family develops fresh vegetable packs such as soup packs, stew packs and world cuisine packs. A pack contains a recipe for a meal which will serve 2 to 4 people.


Healthy and easy food, with fresh ingredients and each with toppings to taste, those are the key attributes that fit in with Tante Fanny’s chilled dough. To enable the growth of this category which is still in its infancy, the structure of the range between private label and brands is of essential importance.


ow do you sell hand-fried crisps, made from potatoes grown on your own farm? In the potatoes, fruit and vegetable aisle of course, because this is where the consumer will associate them with potatoes, fresh and distinctive quality.

Bakkerij Bussing

Jan Bussing sells bread. Wholesome, flavoursome bread. Pure enjoyment. We actually don’t think that a topping is needed and that the chef is creative enough to invent his own recipes. Nevertheless, we have created an inspiration leaflet from a number of personal ideas.


Consumers increasingly expect to be able to buy products usually sold by specialist shops or Asian stores from mainstream supermarkets. A successful example of this is the introduction of cold-pressed premium oils by Pelzmann, market leader in healthy pumpkin seed oil.

Ranfru, which has been stewing fruit since 1995, needed an independent digital meeting point, to promote Dutch stewed pears. On behalf of Renfru, we developed the content, recipes, Facebook page and recipe promotion.

De Molkerei

Traditionally produced goat’s cheese from the Wadden Sea. Not only renowned in the region, but this is now also seen at fresh food markets, in restaurants and in special food outlets. A speciality with a story that is worth telling time after time.


The colour, aroma and flavour of Morocco is being embraced more and more by Dutch chefs. Aziz Ouchan has a full premium range of couscous, herbs, Tajine sauces, legumes, preserved lemons and olives and is happy to share his knowledge. Experience a day in Morocco!


The successful development of the rapeseed oil market in the Netherlands has resulted in our team also being asked to explore the Nordic region in order to introduce premium brands of rapeseed oil, to supply cold-pressed bio-oils and to design private labels.

HOLLANDS GOUD (Dutch gold)

Hollands Goud rapeseed oil products Bak & Braad (Frying and roasting) and Puur (Pure) can increasingly be found on the shelves containing kitchen oil. A remarkable performance as a new brand to the market, that based on a substantive list of claims (healthy, sustainable, home-grown) is perfect for all healthy cuisine.


Everyone has an opinion about food and drink. It is possibly even the most widely discussed subject of the day. Picturing food is pure emotion and nostalgia. That is why we pay a lot of attention to this. In this section, not only do we want to show our customers’ favourite recipes, but we will also display what we develop in-house, or along with Foodstijl.

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Dried legumes form a perfect base for a healthy, vegetarian meal. It sounds a bit tiresome, but it is a question of planning, because they do have to soak overnight before they can be used. Pinterest and Instagram are a perfect way of inspiring others.

Steamed pears

It’s rather a shame that steamed pears are often only popular in the winter months and are used to make classic dishes. That is why we have introduced new recipes, which are perfect for other meals and seasons.


Fresh flaky pastry on baking parchment is an all-rounder. Suitable for sweet and savoury dishes. And this is great because you can cut the tarts as you please; they are easy to divide into portions and to serve at the table to your guests.

Cherry Potatoes

This unique, red small new potato is grown exclusively in Europe by Abko Boer. As a promotion, we came up with tasty homemade recipes which are promoted through Facebook at the selected sales outlets.


Who wouldn’t want to cook like a real chef? That is simple to do with prize-winning Iliada olive oil: mild, grassy with a peppery undertone. Smell and taste it. It gives your dishes extra flavour. This olive oil combines beautifully with vegetables.


We apply the following principle: REACH, ENGAGE, RETAIN AND EXPERIENCE.
Content arises from people being together. Meeting one another at an inspiring location, with professionals who are passionate about their work and with astounding recipes immediately provides usable content and guarantees a wide reach. We were recently involved in the organisation of the Pulses Event 2016 which was organised by the US embassy.

A CuliTrip is effective for:

  • increasing the visibility of your product in respect of the consumer, by distributing content through various media channels
  • introducing a new product
  • gathering new ideas and suggestions from bloggers
  • loading products or brands with inspiration from various angles in order to then combine these in an online magazine to support a new business/sales pitch in the retail sector or catering industry
  • gathering new content for storytelling and online exposure


Choose for a wider reach with distinctive food recipes. That is why, at least 10 times a year, we organise this day at the Koningshoeve in Klaaswaal. The recipes are freshly prepared by Rik and Chris ( We buy in all ingredients that are required from mainstream supermarkets, a wholesaler or directly from source.

When presenting the dishes, we look for a balance between the creation of a restaurant dish and how we eat at home. That is because we actually eat with our eyes. That is why we believe that the appearance and the accessories that are used are essential. This is of importance during preparation.

Depicting recipes is our profession. This requires the photographer to have an in-depth understanding of the brand or the target group, of the persons who have gathered the materials (tableware, pans, etc.) and of the (hobby) chef who prepares the dishes.

Cooking videos are immensely popular and reinforce the digital identity of brands. During the day, various types of food clips can be produced. A photo or film day lends itself perfectly to gathering and creating extra content.

High-quality content requires a wide reach and this is what we, as a team, find important. We want to share the “yield” of a photo content day with as many relevant people and channels as possible. Based on this thought, our online team is present to ensure the widest possible reach.

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