High-quality content forms the basis for online marketing and we seek to achieve the widest possible reach of the message. The addition of experience to the content works perfectly through the use of a digital magazine. We want the target group to actually experience the brand or product concept. We have found in practice that e-magazines are read intensively and shared numerous times.

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Dorsvlegel Easter

We launched our website through the use of a magazine with a specific theme Easter 2015. This gave us the opportunity to present ourselves both individually and as a team. The reader was able to become acquainted with personal Easter meals or content. We also like to experiment with new media, so that based on our own experience we can give well-founded advice about the use of e-magazines.

Tapas Nuts

How do you create a distinctive European concept from premium nuts? Not only by developing a suitable concept name and packaging, but also by allowing the concept to be experienced digitally, the goal being that every sales channel (supermarket, the catering industry, deli) in Europe is able to understand the revenue opportunity in just two minutes and at a glance. The magazine was also the unexpected invitation to the Anuga food trade fair in Cologne and the turnout was overwhelming. We have now also found that this is a great tool for realising a new business agreement.


An important aspect of the commercial process is the contribution to the growth of the relevant category. An important growth source for chilled rolled dough is inspiration with appealing recipes. The annual appraisal 2015 presentation was produced as an e-magazine. This means that a vision regarding the range and recipe promotion are easy to share, with formula management, online marketing and category management.


The added value of collective content creation and improving the quality of the reach are brought together in a well-organised culitrip. Join us on our recent culitrip to Austria and experience what the added value could be for your company or brand. Discover the capabilities of an e-magazine, of adding an additional perception to your message.

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